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Abortion Clinics-What is it All About?

Do you plan to visit an abortion clinic? We have the option to have it or not. As much as possible they make sure that their patients are emotionally and physically ready. You can be assured that they understand your situation.

Before you make a decision you should think about it first. Do not let anyone change your decision. Everything that we do has an outcome it can be good or bad. Before you undergo this procedure you need to know the risks first. This procedure has spiritual, physical, psychological and emotional risks.

Before you undergo this kind of procedure you need to confirm your pregnancy first, then visit a doctor and get an ultrasound. Once you have decided to go through the procedure choose the right clinic. Next step is the checking and understanding the forms that will be provided. If you agree with them then you should sign the form, but if you don’t then don’t sign any forms.

Another thing that you need to verify is the cleanliness of the clinic. You can have infections if their clinic is not clean and have unsanitized equipment. You need to ask them about the cleaning procedures that they use. If they cannot provide these information then feel free to leave. It is better to be safe than sorry.

There are different abortion procedures that you can choose from. The procedures that they offer are the abortion pill, first trimester abortion, early second trimester abortion and second trimester abortion.
If you are less than 10 weeks pregnant then you can take the abortion pill. They use two different types of pills in this procedure. This is safe and effective procedure. This pill can be taken home. You will need to go back to the clinic after a week or two to have an ultrasound and check if you are still pregnant or not. The other three procedures that were mentioned above are surgical procedures and should be done in the clinic. These procedures usually take 5-7 minutes. These procedures are also effective and safe. The staff of the clinic that you choose should be licensed and certified doctors and nurses.

There are a lot of abortion clinics that you can choose from. FPA also known as Family Planning Associates Medical Group is a trusted abortion clinic. The Family Planning Associates Medical Group has been treating patients since 1988. Some services that they provide are birth control evaluations, confidential STD exams, free pregnancy testing and annual of the examinations. Their health care providers take really good care of their patients. They have clinics all over the country. Their staff and licensed and certified doctors and nurses.

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