Production Update #1

Production Update #1

Hi Everyone!

This is our first update after the end of the campaign. As you might know, we were unsuccessful in meeting our goal, but we learned a lot from it and gathered critical feedback for the production of Hydros.

So despite that, we are continuing with the production of Hydros! We believe that this is the right time for it and the benefits for the user and the environment are too big to stop here.

During the past few weeks we’ve made several changes in the design in order to address some of the points addressed on the campaign. So here it is:

  • Hydros Controller is getting weatherproofed! No extra add-ons or enclosures are needed :). Our talented team from Design Right Engineering was able to put some magic in it.
  • We are including a USB charging port into the Hydros Sensor for easy charging. The sensor will only need to be charged once a year! We decided not to move forward with the solar panel due to the breakability and the underperformance of it while being so close to the ground.
  • We are also experimenting with a new moisture sensor…we will follow up this in the next update.
  • Our App is almost ready, and it should be done for testing by the end of September!

Thanks everyone for the support and emails encouraging us to keep moving.

Simple Elements Team