Mr. Postman

Checking the mail just got simpler

Mr. Postman is the first smart mailbox that brings snail mail and package delivery up to the 21st century. It’s Wi-Fi enabled, solar powered and is a brand new spin on the ol’ mailbox.  Mr. Postman is a smart mailbox specifically designed for your packages, both keeping them safe and tracking them. Built with more security than the other 99% of mailboxes out there, Mr. Postman secures your mail through its variety of intelligent sensors and by learning your mailman’s schedule.


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Key Features & Benefits


Mailbox Designed for Packages

Because we get a lot of packages and like for them to be nice and protected, Mr. Postman is 3 1/2″ wider than the standard mailbox. The result is that more of your valuable packages can be delivered safely to Mr. Postman instead of being left exposed at your door!

Mr. Postman measures 9.8″ wide x 8.6″ tall x 20.4″ long.


Smart Locking System

Securing your most valuable letters and packages is now incredibly simple. The embedded sensors in Mr. Postman are able to determine when mail has arrived and lock the mailbox to protect it once it’s safely inside. That’s not all though. If you are gone for several days and get mail, Mr. Postman will unlock its door so mail can still be delivered and then close and lock, keeping your deliveries protected. This functionality is achieved by using data to learn the postman’s schedule and create a standardized delivery window. This window can be adjusted manually or disabled for those who don’t have regular delivery.



Virtual Key

Say you’re out of town and want a friend or neighbor to grab your mail. Mr. Postman gives you the ability to send them a one-time use virtual key via text or email. That way your mail is still safe and sound, but your friendly helper can access your mail at their convenience.



(New Mail, Picked Up Mail, Tampering Alert, What Packages Have Arrived)

The Mr. Postman smartphone app will let you stay tuned to what is happening with your mailbox. Whether new mail is delivered, outgoing mail is picked up, someone is tampering with your mailbox, or you leave the mailbox door open, Mr. Postman will keep you posted.



Easy Unlocking

When you’re ready to retrieve your mail, your smartphone will be your key. Simply use the Mr. Postman app to lock and unlock your mailbox whenever you need. In addition, if you forget your phone or your internet connection is down, you can always access Mr. Postman with a backup key that comes with every box delivered. Even if the mailbox is locked, your USPS postman will always be able to deliver your mail by accessing it with their universal USPS key.



Multi-House Support

What happens if you have multiple houses and want to secure the mail and packages at all of them? Simple: just add the additional mailboxes to your Mr. Postman profile and control them all from the same account!