Hydros is just an intelligent irrigation controller born to make your life simpler, your grass healthier, and your wallet fuller.  Existing irrigation systems are as basic as a light switch with on and off functions and no add-ons or functionalities that help the ecosystem, the earth or you.

Hydros breaks all the necessary components required for your lawn to be healthy, analyzes them and determines how best to water it. By analyzing the weather conditions, grass and soil requirements, the area that you live, temperature, light and humidity of the soil, it formulates the duration and frequency of when it needs to water the grass.  Hydros doesn’t stop there though; it constantly takes measurements during the day to check for weather updates and its sensor readings in order to update the schedule.  Hydros ensures that your grass is optimally watered and your wallet delightfully fuller.

Hydros is eco friendly, using significantly less water 

and helping reduce your water bill between 25% and 60%.



Auto Schedules

This allows you to forget about the watering, yet have the system water your grass optimally. Never too much or too little.  The worry-less system is enabled by default so you don’t have to worry about when to start it or for how long. Never worry about changing the schedule after rain either because the “rain sensor” didn’t  account for rain from the day before.  The Hydros moisture sensors your lawn is watered just the right amount!



Weather Adaptive

If tomorrow is going to be rainy or sunny, Hydros will know about it. The system will schedule the irrigation accordingly to avoid overwatering, protect the grass from drying out due to intense heat, and in the meantime, save you money.  Hydros communicates with local weather reports, so if there is a 90% chance of rain just hours after a normal watering would occur, it will allow mother nature to do its job rather than the system.


H2O Efficient

Not everyone’s yards are the same, so why should your irrigation schedule be? Hydros will determine through sensor readings and weather conditions the optimal amount of water for your specific type of grass and soil.  Never overwater your lawn again!



Interconnected Hydros Grid

You are not alone in this.  Everyone likes to help the planet and save money every chance they get, so why don’t we help each other? Hydros will interconnect between other Hydros sensors in your region to increase the accuracy of weather predictions and so that you can see where your water usage falls amongst your neighbors.



Smart Irrigation Algorithm

Hydros’ brain may not smarter than you, but it gets the job done. It takes into consideration different parameters such as current weather, temperature, soil and grass readings, historical data and the growing grid of Hydros sensors.



Smart Learning

As we get older, we get wiser, and Hydros does, too!  The system will learn your grass and soil’s needs over time in order to improve its watering algorithm, determining the optimal amount of water and time that it needs to run.



Remote Control

No one has time to run home every time they want to make a change to the irrigation schedule, so Hydros allows you to make changes right from your smartphone.  This system gives you lots of flexibility while on the go or out of town.



Water is not an unlimited resource.  By determining exactly when it needs to run and for how long, Hydros saves as little as 20% of the water used for your lawn.  This is water that can be saved for the future and for others in the world.  Reduce your water usage and be good to the planet.



Water Bill Savings

The combination of all the Hydros features don’t come alone. Every water drop that it saves, is an extra penny for your wallet. The only question now is, what are you going to do with all that money saved?



Future Proof

Because Hydros is connected to your home wireless network, the system stays updated at not extra cost to you. As improvements and updates are made, they are sent to the Hydros controller and sensor, making sure you have the latest and greatest, always.



12 Zones

It’s configurable for up to 12 Irrigation Zones




Hydros Is Adaptive


Adapts to weather conditions
If rain is on the way, the system will determine if the irrigation is needed or not to avoid overwatering, and saving you money in the meantime


Adapts to your soil and grass type
By selecting your type of soil and grass, the system will calculate the optimal watering pattern.



Smart learning
No all the grass is treated the same way, Hydros know that. Hydros will adjust it algorithm in order to adapt to your grass and soil needs over time.