Hydros is a smart irrigation controller born to make your life simpler, your grass healthier, and your wallet fuller – and save water while doing so.

Using proprietary algorithms, Hydros analyzes real-time weather patterns, plant characteristics and soil conditions to set optimized watering programs that are dynamically updated.

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The Hydros controller is constantly processing data to set and refine an optimum watering schedule. So relax and let it water what your lawn needs, when it needs it.



Weather Adaptive

Hydros listens to mother nature. No more watering on rainy days — if local weather systems indicate a high likelihood of rain, Hydros will wait to see if that rain comes. If it doesn’t? The Hydros soil sensor will know and make sure your grass gets the water it needs.


H2O Efficient

Yards aren’t all built the same and neither should be your irrigation. Hydros will determine not only the timing but also the optimal amount of water to fit the actual needs of your soil and lawn.  Never overwater again.



Interconnected Hydros Grid

Hydros has friends. If you choose, have your Hydros connect to the Hydros Grid to utilize data from other sensors in your area and even further unlock its predictive power.


Smart Irrigation Algorithm

Hydros optimization algorithm takes into consideration a host of parameters including the current and recent weather, real-time soil and grass readings, historical data, 3rd party predictions and real-time data from the always growing Hydros Grid.



Mobile Control

Hydros allows you to control your irrigation system right from your smartphone – whether you’re across town, or across the globe.


Future Proof

Because Hydros is connected to your home wireless network, the system stays updated at not extra cost to you. As improvements and updates are made, they are sent to the Hydros controller and sensor, making sure you have the latest and greatest, always.



Zones that Work

 All parts of a lawn are not created equal.  Each Hydros controller is configurable for up to 12 Irrigation Zones to match and map their uniqueness.




And best of all…Save Water

For all that it does, Hydros does one thing best: save water. Our tests show average savings of 25%-60%. That’s a lot more of our most precious resource and a lot less of a water bill.



Hydros Is Adaptive


Adapts to weather conditions
If rain is on the way, the system will determine if the irrigation is needed or not to avoid overwatering, and saving you money in the meantime


Adapts to your soil and grass type
By selecting your type of soil and grass, the system will calculate the optimal watering pattern.



Smart learning
No all the grass is treated the same way, Hydros know that. Hydros will adjust it algorithm in order to adapt to your grass and soil needs over time.