Hydros – Mr. Postman Update #2

Hydros – Mr. Postman Update #2

Hello Everyone!

A touch of Fall is in the air and over here at SE, we’ve been busy at work!

Here’s an update on what we’ve been working on and what’s coming up over the next couple of weeks.

Mr. Postman

We’re still playing the waiting game here.  New standards for residential mailboxes are still being written.  Three weeks ago we sent an email with more detailed drawings, paint colors, etc but have yet to hear back.  We hope to hear something in the next week.  Tick tock tick tock…..


We have decided to take the ‘crawl, walk, run’ approach here, doing a small test run of 100 units before making a full run.  This will allow us to fund the production ourselves, to work through any bumps we may face as we roll out our first product on a smaller scale and to give us a little experience to then move forward with a full run.  This approach also will allow us to quickly sell out the first batch, helping our cause when we then go to other sources for the capital to fund our next, larger run.  We anticipate starting this run early 2015 and having this small, first batch of Hydros available in February.  Woo hoo!

New moisture sensors are ordered, so we’ll start testing them in the next 15 days.  These new sensors should provide better readings by being more conductive as they’re completely polished with gold.  Our results have been very good in the testing of the battery charger to be used in the Hydros sensors.  We’re making a few small changes on the Hydros sensor PCB before we tag it as complete!  We’ve also gotten initial quotes for all of the electrical components and PCB assembly, so things are in motion.

Over the next 2 weeks, we’ll be working on:

  • Making the Hydros controller easier to install
  • Finishing the design of the PCB for the Hydros sensors
  • Completing the sensor testing and integration testing with the controller
  • Finishing the scheduling page of the iOS application

Thanks for checking in!


The Simple Elements Team